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Fresh from the Wairarapa we bring you handmade gourmet doggytreats. Our doggytreats include grain, gluten and dairy free varieties all of which are rich in omega 3, high in fibre and packed full of vitamins and minerals.

These oven-baked treats are made using locally grown fresh herbs and vegetables, free range eggs and free farmed meat.. All ingredients are human grade.

doggytreats are oven-baked, natural, tasty, goodness. Woof!


  • 27 August at 16:43 from facebook

    Watch out Wallabies. GO THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS! #Woof!

  • 25 August at 16:29 from facebook

    Grain-free, free-range doggytreats handmade in the Wairarapa. Now available at New World Thorndon. Woof!

  • 23 August at 16:19 from facebook

    We're dancing with delight here at doggytreats. You can now find our delicious treats for discerning dogs at New World Thorndon. #Woof! #loveyourdog #doggytreats

  • 22 August at 18:24 from facebook

    These boxes of doggytreats have arrived at a very big store ready and waiting for doggytreaters! Need a hint where it is? Some MP's might even shop there...

  • 20 August at 14:01 from facebook

    Go the All Blacks! #BugGate #BledisloeCup #AllBlacks #doggytreats #Woof!


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