• 16 July at 15:36 from facebook

    Particularly on a Monday! 😍🐾

  • 14 July at 15:40 from facebook

    Saturday night silliness... Woof!

  • 12 July at 17:50 from facebook

    Noodle eating contest - guess who wins! 😂🐾

  • 11 July at 16:48 from facebook

    Sending a big WOOF to Blockhouse Bay, Auckland! #doggytreats are now available at Blockhouse Bay Vets - show your dog how much you love them! #blockhousebay #auckland

  • 10 July at 11:29 from facebook

    Cute pic of office dog Dendi - one of the winners of the K9 Gold Award - part of the Wellington Gold Awards. Woof!

  • 8 July at 15:43 from facebook

    It's pretty wild out there paw-friends! How is it where you are?

  • 8 July at 09:22 from facebook


  • 7 July at 15:18 from facebook

    And what shall I have from today's menu? So many happy paw-friends at today's Featherston Market. Woof! 😍🐾

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  • 2 July at 16:11 from facebook

    If only I could wangle a trip to collect my own! 🏝️🍹😜 Coconut oil is great for a dogs skin and coat and improves digestion. We use it in our Free Range Chicken Liver and Wairarapa Beef Live