• 16 October at 17:47 from facebook

    Farewell Hades - you were a star on earth and will be in heaven. <3

  • 15 October at 06:00 from facebook

    Free-range, grain-free doggytreats handmade in the Wairarapa now available at New World Eastridge in Mission Bay. Woof!

  • 14 October at 18:36 from facebook

    Stylish dogs will be everywhere on Sunday at The Department Store! Celebrate the last leash-free weekend on Takapuna Beach and enjoy a coffee and doggytreat on us. Woof!

  • 13 October at 17:41 from facebook

    The Greytown Country Market is back! See you this Sunday in Stella Bull Park - nice and close (a little too close) to The White Swan in #Greytown. 🍷🍺 9 'til 1 pm. Woof!

  • 9 October at 14:32 from facebook

    #MondayMischief #Woof

  • 6 October at 17:07 from facebook

    NEW STOCKIST: Yes Auckland dog-lovers, you barked and we listened! doggytreats are now available in Mission Bay at New World Eastridge. Woof!

  • 2 October at 16:30 from facebook

    Sesame seeds are great for dogs! They're a power house of vitamins and minerals including copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, Vitamin B1, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and fibre. We

  • 29 September at 15:41 from facebook

    Beware - the school holidays have arrived! 😂🐾 #Woof

  • 25 September at 17:26 from facebook

    Oh my!

  • 22 September at 13:57 from facebook

    No matter what Party flag you vote for remember to put your paw on the voting paper. Woof! #Election2017